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AW Ennis offer bulk feeds delivered to farm (minimum 4 tonnes). Bagged feeds can be delivered to farm (minimum 3.5 tonnes) but are also available through an extensive merchant network. Bulk bags can also be purchased through merchants so please call us to identify your local stockist.

Coccidiostats are agents that are useful in the treatment or prevention of coccidiosis, a parasitic disease of the intestinal tract of animals, caused by coccidian protozoa. A selection of our feed contains coccidiostats to help prevent the disease occurring. Coccidiostats are used in accordance with Irish and EU law. For more information on the use of coccidiostats, please contact the mill.

Yes, we use the following colourant in our layers feeds:

Citranaxanthin – a manufactured product that occurs naturally in orange skins

This colourant is approved for use within the EU and by the British Egg Industry Council (BEIC) and Bord Bia.

It is not recommended to feed ewe feed to rams and lambs because of the high magnesium concentration in ewe feed. Excessive amounts of magnesium can result in Urinary Calculi in rams, which is where stones form, usually consisting of phosphate salts, blocking the urinary tract and preventing urination.

We are licensed and approved to include medication in feed by the Dept of Agriculture on presentation of a prescription from a veterinary surgeon. All medicated and non medicated feeds are made in accordance with Irish and EU law. For more information on the use of medicated feeds, please contact the mill.