Calf feeds manufactured at AW Ennis provide optimum nutrition for calves of all ages. Formulated to high standards of nutrition for growth, our calf rations are available as a coarse feed or pellets and promote good live-weight gains with balanced energy amino acids, vitamins and minerals for an excellent start in performance.

Calf Diets

Supreme Calf Weanling Krunch
15% crude protein
This diet is recommended as an introductory feed during suckling and can be fed through the weaning process.
Calf Krunch
18% crude protein
This coarse feed is recommended for artificial calf rearing systems or as in introductory creep feed for suckled calves. To be fed from 3 days of age through to 12 weeks.
Calf Krunch Follow-on
16% crude protein
Complementary feed for calves from 8 weeks of age. To be fed with a suitable forage (Minimum 30% dry matter intake. Do not feed to sheep.
Supreme Calf Nuts
16% crude protein
Complementary feed for calves, to be fed with a suitable forage and not to be fed above 2kg/100kg liveweight. Do not feed to sheep.
Supreme Calf Weanling Pellet
16% crude protein
Ideal for creep feeding of calves and weanlings
Calf Grower to Beef
14% crude protein
This product is a cereal based diet, ideal for calves both bucket fed and natural suckling systems, progressing on to beef.
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