A.W. Ennis manufacture game feeds for J. and A. Bashford and Sons Ltd. They are manufactured to advanced nutritional specifications and provide all the essential nutrients for healthy and thriving game birds.

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Game Diets

Duck holding pellets
15 % protein
Feed for pre-lay ducks from 8 weeks of age
Commercial duck starter
21.5 % protein
For day old ducklings to 14 days of age
Commercial duck grower pellets
19 % protein
Complete feed for ducks from 15 days to 28 days of age
Commercial duck finisher pellets
17 % protein
Complete feed for ducks from 29 days to finish
Duck breeder pellets (3mm)
16 % protein
A blend of proteins with specific amino acids, fish oils and cereals for optimum egg production and healthy ducklings.
Duck starter crumb
21 % protein
Protein and energy rich, this diet will get birds off to a prosperous start from day old to 21 days of age.
Duck grower pellet (3mm)
17% protein
With a blend of energy and protein, this product provides an ideal balance of amino acids to ensure continued growth and early maturity.
This can be fed from 3 weeks of age onwards.
Duck breeder pellet
16 % protein
This product provides a blend of protein with specific amino acid, along with fish oils and cereals for optimum egg production and healthy ducklings.
Duck layer pellet
16% protein
This ration contains the optimum nutrients for good egg quality and production
Game Maintenance Pellets (3mm)
15 % protein
Designed to maintain bird health and condition, this product can be mixed with wheat grains and contains aniseed. Can be fed from 12 weeks of age onwards
Game cereal replacer
33 % protein
Cereal replacement pellet for feeding to game birds from 8 weeks onwards as a replacement for whole grains
Game starter crumb
27.5% protein
This diet contains a combination of over 6 sources of proteins and fish oils, and is specifically designed to resemble a natural diet to produce healthy birds with vigour, appetite and growth.
Feed from day old to 14 days of age.
Game rearer pellet (2mm)
24 % protein
Fed from 14 days to 28 days of age, this 2mm pellet contains an excellent combination of energy, protein and fish oils to promote rapid growth and feathering.
Game grower pellets (3mm)
22 % protein
Complete feed for growing game birds from 4 weeks to 12 weeks of age, this product will ensure target growth rates are met and maintained. Can also be fed to bought-in poults.
Game grower 2 pellet (3mm)
20 % protein
To be fed from 7 weeks to 12 weeks of age.
Game breeder pellets (3mm)
18 % protein
Complete high quality feed for breeding game birds, which includes fish oils, providing all the nutrients needed for maximum egg production, hatchability and viable poults. This can be fed from 4 weeks pre-lay and throughout lay.
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