Sustainable Feed Production

The world population is currently above 8 billion people. This population is estimated to increase by a third in 2050. This coupled with developing markets has led to a growing demand for food products. As evidenced by climate change, this demand must be met in a sustainable way.

At A.W Ennis, we understand that animal feeding is crucial for a sustainable production of safe and affordable animal proteins.

Producing feed sustainably is a responsibility that involve the production, supply and consumption of a safe and nutritious feed. Such production needs to be supported by an industry that protects the environment and able to support our quality of life today and our unborn generations.

A sustainable animal diet is one that is balanced in all nutrients and free of hazardous components, fulfils production goals, and produces animal products that are safe to eat.

A.W Ennis recognises that a circular agrifood system is the way forward and animals have a key role to play in this. We are poised to lead in the development of circular agriculture. We believe in transforming low value materials into high quality food, no waste of resources and zero pollution.